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Dan Curhan
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Dan Curhan A thrashy, raw, honest, and surprisingly creative progressive black metal gem from the depths of the underground. Don't be fooled: the production is clear and balanced, despite its rawness. The riffs are thoughtful, inspired, and refreshingly unorthodox, the bass plays far more than a supporting role, and the drummer uses his blasts creatively to great effect. I'm quite impressed, and want moooore!
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JT EXTREME Refreshing black metal take with dizzying curveballs guaranteed to turn heads and sizzle loins Favorite track: Cetus.
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released July 19, 2019

Mefitis is:
Allen Darling - Guitars, Bass
Rexko - Vocals
Darian Kocmur - Drums

Cover artwork done by Rexko
Logo designed by Susu
Drums recorded at Green Village Studios, Beijing
Guitars tracked at Niudun Practice Space, Beijing
Mastering done by Austin Minney at All Aces Studios, Denver, CO.


all rights reserved



Mefitis 蛮蜚之魃 Beijing, China

Mefitis is a progressive black metal band based in Beijing. We like to drink and overthink life and music. Anti-Burzum action.

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Track Name: Cetus
Fleets descend on the endless blue
No pity for the "conquered" realm
How long have they forgotten their fear?
Gazing into the bottomless deep
Hungry eyes betray ravenous intent
Do they know the abyss stares back?
We are not blind to the mountains of garbage
Drifting on the currents, the toxic sludge
That we once called home

Trapped deep in the frozen north
Hideous Leviathan
Centuries lost to the bitter cold
Slumbering, waiting
Thunderous boom of the cleaving ice
Shed your glacial bonds
Liberated by the mefite
Awaken, arise!

Roaming freely, once again
Furious avenger of the seas
They look upon the creature unleashed
Trembling, waiting
Rising tides a sign to come
There is no refuge on shore
The seaborne terror
Racing to landfall
Cyclone winds on its back
Storms of unmatched ferocity
Siege the land from above
The ocean quakes with each step it takes
Surging walls of water
Reclaim our lost dominion

This violence is only the start
As the waters encroach further inland
Returned from whence you came
Countless drowned by the baying waves
Countless, though lesser still
Such a meager retribution
But yet we're still too late what is lost can never return
Corpses stolen by the coming tides
There is nothing left to share but a common grave
Track Name: Ecdysis
Raining of Gecko’s blood
Lapis shower blinds my sight
Parched skin set its eyes ablaze
Smoldering meteorite
Enlightened me to a speck of Sumeru
Radiating a glint from the mighty webs

The rattle of his death throes echo through my mind
I find myself awakened in a deadly realm
Find a way out, find your own way out

Six seconds, sobering
Freed from that venom nightmare
Sleepwalking as a spider no more
Suffering feeds their sadistic hunger
Grown fat off tortured screams
Injected, like countless times before

Silken threads, bound together
Twisted into this horrid empire
Cages woven, joined together
Inescapable web surrounding all

Six senses, opened anew
There is no turning back
No more bound by cold-blooded codes
Eternally shedding my skin
Scar tissue exorcism
Expelling toxic trauma with every step

The gecko’s noble rebellion
Cut short by merciless fangs
The fires reflected by gossamer bars
Forever burned into my mind
Condemned to embers and ashes, memories
Its death was not in vain
Alien to the Ungoliant tongue
There is no word for my kind

No roads, no signs, no maps, no end
Walking the uroboric path
No roads, no signs, no maps, no end
Shedding, consuming all I am
Track Name: Desecrate
A final banquet held within the red gate
Draws their gaze away from an omen ill
Flowers bursting from the bamboo stalks
Nourishment for the looming infestation

The blossom oath can be upheld no longer
Sinew and bone strain under pressure
The neck brittle with the burden of prophecy
Relieved by the falling blade

Lambfeet roasting above the firepit
Smelted precious metals in the air
Beyond the edge, the ends of the earth
Onward to the sunrise kingdom

Dancing, marching, conquering the past
Strangling the final graces of Apollo
The phantom charge of the steeds of Ashura
Imposing an order of chaos untold

The rule of iron remains unchanged, immune to evolution
The ravenous ranks of the formic legionnaire
A silken veil of mercy, of pity, of constrained piety
Barely conceals the desire to subjugate

Burrowing, seeking, sanctuary below
Beyond the reach of the starlight paths
Cast down into the maze of camelthorn
Embraced by the deepest roots of the labyrinth

Dancing, compelled, beneath chaos, solo sitar guiding my feet
Orchestrated carnage above entertaining death
Voyeuristic pursuit, chasing fabled purity
Alone, I move, soothing music, listen to their screams

Nameless, cursed, forgotten faces line the empty halls
Tortured, trapped inside mosaic prisons
Distorted visages mutter words of malice and spite
Pleas for vengeance gone unheard

Ambition alone will never emerge triumphant
Against the mandates of heaven and earth
No refuge from the cosmic dice that guide the hands of fate
Cannot outrun that which is to be

With a single brilliant flash of light
Spidering down from the heavens into the heart of ceded lands
Lightning bolt, illuminator, the crackling of ions
Cast the shadows away

Tearing down the bloodied barriers
Effervescent weapons dissipate
Tombs of bygone ages rebuilt
Cradled in the heart of the magma
Track Name: Lotophagi
A decade of bloodshed, strife, and struggle finally come to close
All that's left is the long voyage home
But our careless captain cursed us to hostile seas and violent storms
Shipwrecked and left to subsist on the bounty of this island paradise

Fields of flowers, fragrant, far as the eye can see
It turns to me to try it's potency
The bittersweet petals, intoxicating, coursing through my veins
Undiscovered wavelengths of light, obscured by hidden stars
The unnatural order exposed by feral dreams
Weightless, emancipated but for a moment, outrun gravity

I see them gaze at me with unfamiliar eyes
I know they dare not walk the lotus path
Pawns to petty squabbles of indifferent gods and kings
So tired, so tired of spilling blood for the whims of tyrants

I hear it calling back for me, just one more taste
I feel it clawing desperately, lotophagi

Pleasures unknown to bacchus himself
Fields of forbidden flora coat the moonkissed fields
Heresy in full bloom

Howling winds play a siren song on the floral orchard choir
A thousand voices beckoning me to stay and eat as much as I please

The watchful gaze of a million eyes
Speckle the black celestial realm
Basking beneath the lunar rays
Solitary but not alone

I awake beneath the western sun and eastern moon
Stumbling back to a deserted camp, the ashes already cold
A single shadow crawls on the distant waves
Now and forever oceans away
Sinking, shrinking, swallowed beside the setting sun

I hear it calling back for me, just one more taste
I feel it clawing desperately, lotophagi

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